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HXZN-D6BE fire reconnaissance intelligent robot

2023/7/14 16:38:43


The HXZN-D6BE fire reconnaissance intelligent robot is designed and certified for reconnaissance in explosive environments, such as petrochemical refining, oil and gas storage, and other chemical production, storage, transportation sites, etc. The product consists of a robot and a remote control panel. It will help firefighters improve the safety of rescues and reduce casualties in missions.

Advantages of the product

Explosion-proof certification, waterproof grade reaches IP65;
High-definition wireless image transmission system to achieve remote real-time video monitoring;
The robot has a network communication function, which can be connected to the internet to transmit data to the command center and provide reliable evidence.
Advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication ability, can access the internet, the field data transmission to the control center, provide reliable support for decision makers;
Explosion-proof lifting platform is flexible, which can meet the data acquisition requirements of different gas concentrations at different observation points;
The scene images were captured and uploaded in real time by three cameras, which were front and rear adjustable and monitoring and tracking views.
The heat source was tracked and monitored by infrared thermal imaging.
Strong maneuvering, fast moving speed, adjustable;
With high-energy density lithium battery, rechargeable and replaceable;
Intuitive GUI, friendly man-machine interface.

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