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HXZN-80JE reconnaissance fire intelligent robot

2023/7/14 16:39:46


HXZN-80JE reconnaissance fire intelligent robot is suitable for petrochemical refining, oil and gas storage and other explosive environment of fire extinguishing and reconnaissance, as well as other chemical production, storage, transportation places. The product consists of a robot platform, a display, and a remote control panel. It will help firefighters improve the safety of rescues and reduce casualties in missions.

Advantages of the product

  • Explosion-proof certification, waterproof grade reaches IP65;
  • The surface of the robot track is covered with heat-resistant and flame-retardant rubber, and the interior of the track is covered with a metal frame.
  • Prevent fire hose knot function;
  • With large traction force, it can pull two 60m long ⌀80mm fire hoses filled with water;
  • High temperature resistance, with automatic water spray cooling system, named double water curtain;
  • Remote control display rotation, pitch and a variety of spraying mode conversion, easy to switch between water and foam;
  • High-definition wireless image transmission system to achieve remote real-time video monitoring;
  • Advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication ability, can access the internet, the field data transmission to the control center, provide reliable support for decision makers;
  • Strong ability to overcome obstacles, can climb large Angle obstacles;
  • Independent suspension shock absorption system, strong impact resistance;
  • Strong maneuvering, fast moving speed, adjustable;
  • Explosion-proof lifting platform is flexible, which can meet the data acquisition requirements of different gas concentrations at different observation points.
  • Remote hose drop function (optional).

Product Features

Internet connection: The robot has a network communication function and can connect to the Internet to transmit data to the command center and provide reliable evidence.
Remote diagnosis function: through the network to achieve remote diagnosis and fault analysis of the robot.
Environmental acquisition (optional): Integrated gas detection device, can detect the concentration of gas at different heights in the air. (Optional radioactive material detection).
Thermal eye detection (optional): Track and monitor the heat source by infrared thermal imaging.
Automatic power generation and suppression of recoil: In order to suppress recoil, the robot drive motor adopts the specified model, which can be converted from drive mode to power generation mode to charge the battery when spraying water.
Sound acquisition: The robot can collect live sounds in real time for rescue.
Image acquisition: Scene images are captured and uploaded in real time by three cameras, which are adjustable front, back, and surveillance tracking views.
Automatic obstacle avoidance: high sensitivity, long-distance obstacle avoidance system, can automatically identify obstacles.
Remote fire suppression of dangerous goods: advanced communication technology enables remote control of up to 1 km. The robot uses dual channels to transmit data and video, so that firefighters can operate the robot to the fire site from a distance, and ensure the safety of rescue.
Rescue function: the robot can pull an additional rescue vehicle into the disaster area to rescue the trapped people.

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