Special Robot

HXZN-M40E fire fighting intelligent robot

2023/7/14 10:31:29


In recent years, China's fire departments are promoting the construction and upgrading of small fire stations, especially the use of modern fire equipment. Our company provides newly developed fire fighting robots, which are mainly used for early fire fighting in small fire stations. The robot is small but powerful and easy to operate. The robot can connect fire trucks and municipal fire hydrants.

Advantages of the product

Suitable for fire trucks, municipal fire hydrants and other water supply systems;
The track surface is covered with heat resistant and flame retardant rubber, and the track interior is covered with metal frame.
Independent suspension shock absorption system, strong impact resistance;
High temperature resistance, with double water curtain automatic water cooling system;
Remote monitoring of rotation, pitch and multiple spraying mode conversion;
Optional HD wireless image transmission system to achieve remote real-time video monitoring;
Advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication ability, can access the internet, the field data transmission to the control center, provide reliable support for decision makers;
Strong maneuvering, fast moving speed, adjustable.

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