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Robot cloud Platform

2023/7/29 11:17:54

Platform Overview

Built on the Internet of Things and big data technology, the robot cloud platform can realize the functions of robot product life cycle management, after-sales service, predictable maintenance, algorithm training, remote upgrade, remote monitoring and fault diagnosis. While improving the user experience and the level of robot intelligence, the robot research and development, manufacturing and Internet technology are combined to achieve the integration of Internet and robot technology, remote robot monitoring, remote control, deployment and unified supervision of robots in different areas.

The cloud platform builds a unified "brain" for enterprise robot research and development and production management, and uses the intelligent back-end of the Internet of things to realize data analysis and data prediction, and build an expert knowledge base. At the same time, the research and development design, production and manufacturing, product circulation and after-sales service information migration to the cloud data center, through the unified cloud platform to achieve intelligent manufacturing, fast information retrieval, unified data management, software testing and development of multiple functions, effectively improve the security of research and development data information, significantly reduce research and development costs.

Platform features

Remote monitoring function: real-time display of robot status information and detection data, can realize the robot motion control and pan-tilt remote control and other functions.
Running fault data statistics: remotely view the real-time running status of the robot and the status of the equipment being inspected. When a fault or anomaly occurs, the system can send an alarm in time and display the fault information in real time.
Remote upgrade and maintenance function: it can carry out remote software upgrade and fault handling of the robot.
Sales, after-sales and core components management: sales personnel can make detailed spare parts sales and customer return visit plans according to the use of robots.
Expert diagnosis knowledge base: The platform collects the robot data of each station, cleans and mines the data, realizes the real-time analysis and prediction of the operation situation of the field equipment and the operation situation of the robot through big data analysis and cloud computing, and generates alarm signals in time before the equipment has problems, and pushes the alarm information to the relevant personnel through mobile app and email.
Historical records: The cloud platform stores the historical data of the robot detection in real time, which can query and filter the historical alarms and historical records to facilitate the view and analysis of the current situation.
Data analysis: According to the data in the robot record database, draw the trend and curve of each device, improve the degree of data visualization, can be exported and printed.
Open API: A rest api allows you to connect to third-party applications and synchronize data.

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