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Fire robot emergency rescue command platform

2023/7/29 11:16:12

The fire robot emergency rescue command and control platform can realize the flexible allocation of resources and the unified command and dispatch of the fire field by analyzing and processing the collected combat information. Through disaster assessment and prediction, energy efficiency analysis, simulation drill, one-click debugging and other functions, it helps command personnel to make scientific and reasonable operational decisions and command and deployment. After the operation, the operation analysis is carried out through historical records, audio and video data.

Product Features

Information collection, data management: system integration combat scenarios (high-risk places, commercial complexes, schools, enterprises and other key units) surrounding traffic conditions, building overview, fire information, water distribution, environmental parameters, geographic information, hazard information, duty information, etc.
Field command: the UAV is used to establish the three-dimensional model of the scene, transmit the on-site audio and video data in real time, collect the robot drill and actual combat data, complete the joint operation of air-to-ground docking, and realize the digitalization and visualization of the combat scene. It can provide digital information for command and dispatch, combat drill and scientific decision.
Assistant decision-making: The command and control platform can evaluate and analyze energy efficiency through the collected field data and according to the disaster model, timely feedback to the field command personnel the development trend of the disaster, the possible impact, the type and quantity of the required personnel or equipment, and other important information, to help command personnel to make scientific rescue decisions quickly and accurately.
Effectiveness evaluation: After the end of the battle, the relevant disposal in the battle process will be replayed in the form of a timeline, which is convenient for departments at all levels to summarize and analyze, and gradually accumulate daily battle cases to form a battle case database. The central platform can analyze and assess the disaster disposal situation.

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