Special Robot

Wheeled intelligent inspection robot

2023/7/29 11:13:27


The wheeled intelligent inspection robot is suitable for flow fire fighting in petrochemical refining, oil and gas storage and other explosive environments, as well as other chemical production, storage and transportation places. The product consists of a robot platform with a foam generator and a remote control panel. It will help firefighters improve the safety of rescues and reduce casualties in missions.

Advantages of the product

Explosion-proof certification, waterproof grade reaches IP65;
The surface of the robot track is covered with heat-resistant and flame-retardant rubber, and the interior of the track is covered with a metal frame.
High traction force, capable of dragging a 100m-long ⌀80mm fire hose filled with water;
High-definition wireless image transmission system to achieve remote real-time video monitoring;
The compressed foam mixture plays the dual role of fire extinguishing agent and driving force on the fan, which reduces the energy consumption.
Cover type fire extinguishing, low water consumption, non-corrosive;
Advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication ability, can access the internet, the field data transmission to the control center, provide reliable support for decision makers;
Remote diagnosis function: realize remote diagnosis and fault analysis of robot through Internet;
Image capture: Capture and upload scene pictures in real time.

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