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HXZN-40BD fire-fighting reconnaissance intelligent robot

2023/7/14 16:43:13

HXZN-40BD fire-fighting and reconnaissance intelligent robot is composed of robot body, medium size foam gun and handheld remote control terminal. Mainly used for petrochemical fuel, oil depot, gas station, airport, railway and other flow type fire.

Product advantages

Explosion-proof and waterproof design, especially suitable for petrochemical, gas and other explosive environment;
The track adopts external high temperature resistant and flame retardant rubber, and internal metal skeleton;
Double water belt water supply, with waterproof belt knot design;
Strong traction, drag two 60m long 80 water belt full of water walking;
Remote control foam gun rotation, pitch, large flow, long range;
Advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance, strong anti-interference;
Strong ability to cross obstacles, capable of large Angle climbing obstacles;
Independent suspension shock absorption system, strong impact resistance;
Strong maneuvering, fast moving speed, adjustable speed;
With automatic lifting platform, the detection device can automatically lift;
The robot has a certain load capacity, which can drag the rescue vehicle into the disaster site and rescue the trapped people in time.
Automatic dewatering belt function (optional), after completing the fire extinguishing task, automatically remove the water belt and return light.

Product Features

  • Internet function: strong network communication function, can access to the Internet, data transmission to the command center, to provide reliable decision-making basis for rescue decision makers; At the same time, it can cooperate with the UAV to realize the "trinity" fire command and control.
  • Remote diagnosis function: through the Internet function to achieve remote diagnosis and fault analysis of the fire robot.
  • Environmental detection function (optional) : Equipped with environmental detection sensors to realize the detection and analysis of toxic and combustible gases at different heights in the field (optional for radioactive material detection).
  • Thermal eye detection function (optional) : through infrared thermal imaging to achieve the detection and tracking of heat source
  • Automatic power generation and recoil automatic suppression function: the main motor of the robot adopts power generation braking, and converts the recoil force into electric energy in the sprinkler fire.
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance function: The obstacle avoidance system automatically identifies the distance of obstacles and detects the distance far away.
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