The intelligent fire fighting robot appeared in the drill field of Petrochina North Petrochemical

2022/12/5 17:21:03
An intelligent fire fighting robot demonstration organized by Petrochina North China Oil District is held at Petrochina North Petrochemical Branch in Renqiu, Hebei province, Dec 3, 2022. Our company's intelligent fire robot was invited to appear and show fire fighting skills on site.


At the scene, through product introduction, 360-degree demonstration, communication and interaction, the personnel on the scene can understand the functional advantages of the fire robot.

▲ Reconnaissance robot eyes to recognize fire





In the field demonstration, the scout robot was lightly armed and went deep inside the fire field to detect the fire. The fire fighting robot sprays large flow water column to extinguish the fire. The good performance of the fire robot was unanimously recognized by the leaders of Petrochina North Petrochemical, North China Oil Field Company and the present personnel.



In this demonstration, the fire robot of our company fully demonstrated that in the large-scale petrochemical scene, it can replace the rescue personnel to go deep into the fire site and perform fire fighting reconnaissance and other tasks. In the future, the robot of our company will develop more fire robot products applied to petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, and constantly improve the technical level and actual combat ability of products, so as to make a positive contribution to the high-quality development of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. The robot fire extinguishing demonstration was held in Renqiu, Hebei, North China Petrochemical Branch of Petrochina.


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