119 Fire Promotion Month, fire robots become "group pet"

2020/11/11 17:11:53

"Pay attention to fire, life first", November 9, 2020 is the 29th fire prevention Day in China. Various forms and grand "119 Fire Publicity Month" activities were held all over the country to promote social attention to fire safety, widely popularize fire knowledge, and guide the public to actively participate in fire prevention work.As the standing scientific and technological strength of the fire brigade in recent years, the fire robot of our company has appeared frequently in the theme activities of the Fire Publicity Month around the country, which has aroused wide attention from the society.

Below, please follow the part of the activity photos collected by the small series, and feel the scientific and technological charm of the fire robot ~


▲ On November 3, the launching ceremony of Beijing's 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month was held in the Exhibition Center of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Haidian District.A variety of fire robots were displayed on site, attracting the attention and praise of the relevant leaders of the emergency management Department and the past masses.


As the main role of the fire robot, it shows good maneuvering ability and fire fighting performance.

Head of package

▲ On November 5, Baotou City held the launching ceremony of the 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month in Alding Square.The picture shows the fire fighting process of the fire fighting robot.

Tangshan City

▲ On November 7, the launching ceremony of Tangshan City's 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month was held at the Earthquake Monument Square.The picture shows the fire fighting robot on the scene being watched by the crowd.

▲ During the "119" fire propaganda month, the fire robot participated in the joint fire fighting and rescue drill of a large coal chemical enterprise in Tangshan.

Shaoxing City

▲ On the morning of November 9, the launch of the 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month and the installation ceremony of fire robots in Keqiao District of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province was held in Keqiao Wanda Plaza.The train installation covers fire reconnaissance and extinguishing, high multiple foam fire extinguishing, fire smoke extraction, underwater detection and inspection and other multi-category fire robot products, will further improve the level of local fire science and technology, enhance the ability of fire emergency disposal, and boost the development of fire protection to high-tech and intelligent.

Ningde City

▲ On the morning of November 9, the launching ceremony of 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month held by Ningde Fire Rescue Detachment was held in Lianxin Fortune Square in Ningde City.Firefighters demonstrated how the fire fighting robot fought the fire in the thick smoke environment, and invited the public to operate the fire fighting robot on the spot.


▲ On November 9, at the launching ceremony of 119 fire publicity Month of Tongliao City Development Zone Fire Rescue Brigade, sophisticated "weapons" such as fire robots were unveiled, becoming an eye-catching scenery at the event site.

▲ On the morning of November 9, Fading Fire Rescue Brigade carried out fire robot training activities to further improve the application level of fire robots in actual combat and escort the safe construction of towns and villages.

▲ On the afternoon of November 9, the theme activity of "Preventing fire risk, Building a better home" sponsored by Fading Fire Rescue Brigade was held in Fading Zhonghui Square.A number of fire robots were demonstrated on the spot, prompting many citizens to stop and take photos.

Wuzhou City

▲ On the morning of November 9, the launching ceremony of the 2020 "119" Fire Publicity Month themed activity sponsored by Wuzhou Fire Safety Committee was held in the municipal Square.At the scene, fire and smoke extraction robots and other scientific and technological equipment appeared, attracting many citizens.

Zhuhai City